Automatic Reset Flip Bucket Mouse Traps

In the home environment, put the bucket in a mouse-infested place, and you can pile up some debris around the bucket, or use our climbing ladder. One is to reduce the vigilance of mice, and the other is to attract mice to our pedals. After placing the mousetrap bucket, people and animals must stay away so that the mice will be fooled.

Some dikes and ditches often have mice climbing over the walls at night. Therefore, put the mousetrap barrel on the foot of the wall, on the one hand, it can wait for the mouse to jump over the wall, on the other hand, it can lure the mouse to stumble, killing two birds with one stone.

Rat traps can also be used in fields and fields. But in the wild, there is no way to pile up debris around the barrel. You can dig a hole as a workaround and put the mousetrap barrel in the hole so that the mice can reach the mouth of the barrel.

After the BUCKET SLIDE RAT TRAP is set up, it can capture continuously and requires no maintenance. The mousetrap bucket is placed, and it does not need to be checked in real time. Generally, we recommend checking it once a day.

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