Mouse Bucket Trap Flip Slide

There are many methods that can be used to catch mice, but in terms of humanity, catching mice alive is the current trend. How to catch mice quickly and easily, saving time and effort? WE RECOMMEND THE BUCKET SLIDE RAT TRAP

BUCKET SLIDE RAT TRAP needs to be used in conjunction with a wide-mouth barrel. The height of the barrel should be at least 50cm, preferably 60cm, and it is best to be a straight barrel. The wall of the barrel has a slope and the rats can easily escape.

Glue some mouse-like bait to the top of the lid or to the pedal

Fill the bucket with 20cm deep water. Because the mouse has a certain jumping ability, its jumping ability is greatly reduced in the water. The purpose of adding water is to prevent the mouse from jumping out after falling into the bucket. Do not add too much water, otherwise the mouse will be drowned and cannot be caught alive.

In order to eat the bait, it will climb onto the pedal if it cannot withstand the temptation, and will fall into the barrel under the action of gravity. This is the principle of mouse catching.

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