Mouse Bucket Trap 

There are numerous methods to catch mice, but catching them alive is currently the preferred humane approach. For an efficient and effortless method, we recommend using the Bucket Slide Rat Trap. To use this trap, a wide-mouth barrel should be used, preferably straight and at least 50cm, preferably 60cm in height, with a sloping wall to facilitate the escape of rats.

To set the trap, apply glue to the top of the lid or the pedal and place some mouse-like bait on it. Fill the bucket with water up to 20cm deep, to prevent the mouse from jumping out after falling into the bucket, without drowning it. The principle of catching mice is that they climb onto the pedal to eat the bait, then fall into the bucket due to gravity.

In a home setting, place the trap in areas where mice are commonly found, and pile up debris or use a climbing ladder to attract them. Once set, people and animals should stay away from the trap to avoid scaring off the mice. Additionally, placing the trap at the base of walls can lure mice that often climb over at night.

The Bucket Slide Rat Trap can also be used in fields, by placing it in a hole dug for the purpose, allowing the mice to reach the mouth of the barrel. Once set up, the trap can capture continuously without maintenance, and it is recommended to check it once a day.

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