Plastic Bird Defender Spikes for Pigeon


Product Details

Model No.: HD62063
Materials: Plastic
Target Pest: Bird
Size: 2.4x50cm / 4.8x110cm


Product Description:

The heavy-duty PVC material provides a perfect combination of flexibility and effectiveness. This sturdy spike can block intruders such as cats, birds, squirrels from landing on your ledge, fence, or feeder.

Nails can be installed in any elevated area, such as roofs, chimneys, pavilions, supporting structures, columns, aisles, curved surfaces, or any area you do not want them to enter.

Foldable and easy to install, double-sided adhesive can be used for quick and convenient installation. In addition, it can be cut and wrapped into any size, so you can use it anywhere.

Grass bird spikes2

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